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Aer Lingus UK, a British airline, operates a fleet of aircraft for domestic and international flights, including the Airbus A330. The A330 is a wide-body, twin-engine aircraft that can accommodate up to 335 passengers in a typical two-class layout. It is well-known for its fuel efficiency, comfort, and long-range capabilities, making it an ideal aircraft for transatlantic and other long-haul flights. With a range of up to 7,250 nautical miles, the A330 can serve a wide variety of destinations across the world. The A330 is employed by Aer Lingus UK on several routes, including transatlantic flights to North America, delivering a comfortable and pleasurable travel experience for passengers.
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  • A330-300

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The Airbus A330-300 is an aircraft produced by Airbus for Aer Lingus UK and has the following seat configuration: 0-30-0-287.

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Aer Lingus UK's business class on the Airbus A330-300 redefines luxury travel. Catering to 30 passengers, it boasts plush seating, exquisite dining, and a top-tier entertainment system. The crew's exceptional service ensures a journey of unparalleled comfort.



Aer Lingus UK's economy class on the Airbus A330-300 offers a practical solution for travelers. With 287 seats, it's a blend of cost-effectiveness and essential amenities. The in-flight entertainment keeps passengers engaged, and the dedicated crew ensures a satisfactory flight experience.