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Icelandair operates only one model of Boeing, 767-300ER. As of 2022, the company has one 767-300ER. The airline chose the aircraft due to its high payload, reliability, and long service life. In addition, their cruising speed of 851 km/h (530 mph) and range of up to 7,890 km (4,900 mi) make them the best choice for long-haul routes. Furthermore, the airplane is designed to carry up to 350 people for distances of up to 11 thousand kilometers.
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  • 767-300 ER

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767-300 ER

The Boeing 767-300 ER is an aircraft produced by Boeing for Icelandair and has the following seat configuration: 0-25-0-237.

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Traveling in Icelandair's business class on their Boeing 767-300 ER is an experience in luxury. With 25 seats, passengers are treated to spacious seating, gourmet meals, and premium in-flight entertainment. The attentive crew provides a bespoke service, ensuring every need is catered to.



On the Boeing 767-300 ER, Icelandair offers an economy class that seamlessly blends comfort with efficiency. Designed for 237 passengers, the cabin is spacious and modern, ensuring a pleasant flight experience. The seating is ergonomically designed, complemented by a wide range of in-flight entertainment. The dedicated crew ensures a smooth journey, catering to passenger needs with utmost professionalism.