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There are three Boeing 787-8 in the fleet TUI fly (Netherlands). These aircraft were chosen by the airline due to their high payload, capacity, and extended lifespan. The Boeing 787 is a family of brand-new, incredibly efficient civil aircraft that offers the mid-range market the speed and range of larger airliners. The 787 family's distinctive flying and technical characteristics are made possible by a combination of cutting-edge technologies and ground-breaking design. TUI fly was founded in the Netherlands on May 10, 2005. In the Netherlands' Haarlemmermeer, the corporate headquarters are located. The airline has bases in Amsterdam, Eindhoven, and Rotterdam/The Hague. The Netherlands-based TUI fly is a charter airline. The airline is a subsidiary of the TUI Group. Scheduled and charter flights are available from the Netherlands-based TUI fly. the Mediterranean, Finland, Mexico, the Caribbean, the United States, Africa, the Middle East, and the Dutch Caribbean are among the regions served by the airline. The Canary Islands, the Red Sea, the Mediterranean, and the Caribbean are among the other places it flies. As of 2023,
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The Boeing 787-8 is an aircraft produced by Boeing for TUI fly (Netherlands) and has the following seat configuration: 0-0-25-280.

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Premium economy


The Boeing 787-8 series, features a premium economy that's tailored for the discerning traveler. With 25 seats, it offers enhanced comfort, additional space, and a curated entertainment selection. The in-flight dining options are diverse, and the crew remains committed to enhancing the travel experience for every passenger.



The Boeing 787-8 series, offers an economy class that's optimized for longer regional routes. Catering to 280 passengers, the environment is spacious with ergonomic seating. A wide range of entertainment options is available, and the crew remains attentive to passenger needs, ensuring a satisfactory flight experience.