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Shirak Avia (5G) seat map listing

Shirak Avia is a young Armenian airline based in Yerevan. It was founded in 2019 and obtained its air operator's certificate in 2021. The airline operates out of Yerevan's Zvartnots and Gyumri's Shirak airports. More than five routes are served from each airport, including Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi, Krasnodar and Samara. Shirak Avia uses the Boeing 737-500 for its services. These are configured in a single class high density layout seating 131 passengers. has created and compiled a thorough list of seatmaps of aircrafts that Shirak Avia operates. Choose an aircraft and click on it to see the seatmaps and all details associated with your seat.

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Check in rules

Shirak Avia's check-in process is streamlined for passenger convenience. Travelers are advised to arrive at the airport well in advance of their flight. Upon reaching the designated Shirak Avia counter, passengers present their travel documents and any necessary visas. After verifying details, the airline staff assists with baggage drop and provides a boarding pass. It's essential to adhere to the airline's baggage policies to avoid additional fees. For a smoother experience, passengers can also opt for online check-in, if available. Always refer to Shirak Avia's official guidelines for specific check-in timelines and requirements.

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Shirak Avia's baggage policy is designed to cater to the varied needs of its passengers. Travelers are permitted to carry hand luggage weighing up to 7 kg, with dimensions not exceeding 55x40x20 cm. For those needing more space, the airline allows checked luggage weighing up to 25 kg, with the combined dimensions (length, height, and width) not surpassing 203 cm. Should passengers exceed these limits, the airline charges 4 euros for each additional kilogram. Notably, children aged between 2 to 12 are entitled to the same baggage allowance as adults: 25 kg for checked luggage and 7 kg for hand luggage. Infants under 2 years are allocated a generous 10 kg baggage allowance, ensuring families can travel with ease.

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Unaccompanied minors

Shirak Avia prioritizes the safety and well-being of its youngest passengers. For unaccompanied minors aged 5-12, the airline has a meticulous process in place. On parents' request, these children can be accepted for carriage. However, it's mandatory to provide a notarized power of attorney from both parents, specifically addressed to SHIRAK AVIA. Additionally, parents or guardians must complete a detailed application for carriage, outlining essential details about the child and information on the adults responsible for accompanying and receiving the child. If, for any reason, no adult is present to meet the unaccompanied minor upon arrival, the airline requires parents to cover all associated costs, including return transportation, meals, lodging, and other ground services, ensuring the child's comfort and security.

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Shirak Avia, renowned for its passenger-centric policies, offers a thoughtful approach to infant transportation. An adult passenger can conveniently transport an infant under 2 years without the need for a separate seat. This is charged at a mere 10% of the standard adult fare, but it's essential to obtain a ticket for the infant. For families traveling with more than one infant under 2, or with children aged 2 to 12, the airline provides discounted rate tickets. These discounts are in line with the specific rate rules set by the Shirak Avia ensuring affordability without compromising on safety or comfort for the youngest travelers.

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Shirak Avia understands the bond between pets and their owners. Recognizing this, they've introduced a comprehensive pet transportation policy. For those wishing to keep their pets close, the airline allows pets weighing up to 8 kg, including their carrier, to be transported in the cabin for a fee of 50.00 Euro. This ensures that smaller pets can travel comfortably alongside their owners. However, for larger pets weighing up to 20 kg, including the carrier, a provision has been made to transport them in the baggage compartment of the aircraft, priced at 60.00 Euro. This policy reflects Shirak Avia's commitment to accommodating the diverse needs of its passengers.

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