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USC (USY) seat map listing

USC is a new operator based in Frankfurt, Germany. The company provides charter and ACMI services. ACMI is when an operator provides aircraft, crew, maintenance and insurance to another carrier - usually to fill in short term capacity gaps. USC started out with two Airbus A340 aircraft and plans to increase the fleet with several more examples of the type. Both the -300 and the longer -600 are in service and are offered for both passenger and cargo operations. The aircraft come in a two class configuration featuring lie flat business class seats at the front and generously pitched economy class seats at the back.

Here at we have compiled the most comprehensive database of airline seatmaps in the industry. Please click on the links below to see the extensive variety of seatmaps within the entire fleet of aircraft that USC operates.

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Check in rules

UCS Airline (Universal Sky Carrier) offers its passengers flexible check-in options tailored to the requirements of the chartering party. Since they operate 24/7 for ad-hoc, subservices, and series of flights, specific check-in details are provided upon booking. Passengers are advised to arrive in a timely manner for a seamless travel experience.

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UCS Airline (USC) adheres to the baggage policies set by the chartering clients. Given their diverse range of flights, luggage allowances might vary. Passengers should refer to their booking details or contact the chartering party for specific baggage information.

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Unaccompanied minors

UCS Airline (USC) offers services for unaccompanied minors in accordance with the policies of the chartering party. Specific details and requirements for unaccompanied minors are provided based on the charter agreement.

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For passengers traveling with infants, UCS Airline (USC) follows the guidelines set by the chartering party. It's essential for passengers to check the specific provisions related to infant travel when booking.

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UCS Airline (USC) accommodates the transportation of pets based on the rules and guidelines of the chartering party. Passengers wishing to travel with their pets should refer to their booking details or consult the chartering party for specific pet travel policies.

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