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Lufthansa City Airlines (VL) seat map listing

Lufthansa City Airlines was founded in 2022 and started operations in 2024. It is part of the Lufthansa Group of airlines. The airline will fly under Lufthansa flight numbers from hubs in Munich and Frankfurt. The fleet will be mostly comprised of Airbus narrow body airliners with flexible cabins offering both Business class and Economy class service.

The founders of have created and assembled an exhaustive database of seatmaps of all the aircrafts that Lufthansa City Airlines operates. Click on the links below to see our entire array of seatmaps.

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Check in rules

You can conveniently check in online for your Lufthansa City Airlines flight prior to departure. Be sure to have your 6-digit booking code handy. Use the following link to proceed to our partner, Lufthansa, for online check-in. Please note that airport check-in deadlines vary by location, ranging from 30 minutes for domestic flights to 90 minutes for most international destinations.

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For Lufthansa City Airlines, each piece of baggage may not exceed dimensions of 158 cm (width + height + depth). Bags that are larger, heavier, or additional will be considered excess baggage, and fees can be calculated using our baggage calculator. Economy class passengers are allowed one carry-on bag up to 8 kg and one checked bag up to 23 kg, while Business class passengers may bring two carry-on bags, each up to 8 kg, and two checked bags, each up to 32 kg.

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Unaccompanied minors

Lufthansa City Airlines offers a mandatory Unaccompanied Minor (UM) service for children aged 5-11 and optional for those 12 and older, available only on direct flights from Frankfurt and Munich. The service, which helps ensure children travel safely and comfortably, must be booked through the Call Centre or at an airport counter, with a fee of €75 per flight leg per child. All necessary registration forms are provided during the booking process.

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Lufthansa City Airlines offers infant fare rules where babies aged 0-2 travel for free on domestic flights without their own seat. On international routes, infants travel for 10% of the regular adult fare. Parents can bring booster seats, child seats, baby cots, and foldable prams free of charge as additional hand luggage. Foldable prams can be handed in at boarding and will be returned to passengers upon landing.

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Lufthansa City Airlines allows small dogs and cats weighing up to 8 kg, including their carrier, to travel as additional carry-on luggage in the cabin, under certain conditions. Larger pets and other types of animals are transported as excess baggage in the air-conditioned hold, with exceptions for specific destinations due to local restrictions. Assistance dogs are subject to special regulations. For all pet travel, registration is required at least 72 hours before departure, and verification that your pet meets these requirements must be presented at check-in.

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