Raisingindustry standardswith better data and Immersive media

We are helping travel companies to maximize revenue in ticket bookings and ancillary offerings. We know that Airlines and their Sales channels compete on the thinnest of margins and are willing to offer very competitive and flexible pricing. This results in an average improvement of 28%, helping our customers to achieve increased profitability and improved customer experience

Seat maps, Amenities data, and Immersive media are here to make passenger's choice multi-dimensional by improving and widening selection for web and mobile conversion. Here is the description of our optimized offers that we deliver to our partners globally:

Seatmaps + data

Quicket supplies customizable and localizable seat maps with detailed information assembled in a data or graphic package that can be displayed in 3 different ways:
1) AVAILABILITY when connected directly to airlines NDC or GDS like Amadeus, Sabre, or Travelport
2) COMFORT by displaying different seat comfort level
3) PRICE with different purchase offers pre- and post-booking.

We deliver data to the customers via robust Application Program Interface (API) and Software Development Kit (SDK). To reduce the price we allow some partners to cache the data on-premises (in your own servers) depending on the contract length.
Our machine-learning algorithm gives our customers the ability to showcase correct seat maps even with changing flight schedules.

Seat maps are easily integrated into your websites and mobile apps within weeks instead of months. We provide potential customers with the testing environment with limited data samples from selected airlines. The delivery format can be tried via our SANDBOX for flexible integration and scalability. Here is the link to the documentation in Swagger or in ReDoc format.

Cabin data

We are consolidating cabin data globally across 500+ airlines. The foundation of the solution is based on the years of acquired seat maps data (from paid and public sources) and amenities across hundreds of commercial airlines. It is verified by the industry leaders like Airbus, OAG, Kiwi, Kayak, etc.

  • Cabin Amenities

    We provide amenities like seat's Pitch (legroom), Width, and Recline, as well as WIFI, In-Flight Entertainment, and Power. This provides vital information so the passenger can make an important decision about seat comfort and purchase upgrades when necessary.

  • Bags allowances

    Our Baggage allowance information incorporates the Point-Of-Sale rule led by IATA. In other words, if a US-based airline shows some rules on their website in the US, this will not be applied for searches in the EU.

  • Food and drinks

    Embedded into search results Food and Beverage information gives potential passengers' well-informed nutrition decisions before the final booking.

  • CO2 Impact

    Quicket calculates a relevant CO2 score based on a flight distance, plane type, average load factor per route (city pair), and by computing Breguet engine coefficient for the fuel consumption. We embrace the IATA methodology as we think it has better environmental integrity.

Ability to switch between Volume-based and flat pricing model plus payment automation allow Quicket to maintain very competitive pricing within the industry.

Please see our DEMO website for data and seat maps samples.

Immersive rich media (panoramas)

Interactive media have a 30-50% higher rate of conversion. Unlike traditional passive media (pictures or video) Immersive media (360 Panoramic views with interactive buttons) allow our customers like Airlines or Railway companies to integrate relevant upgrade data right into the booking path. Our target is to create minimum interruption with maximum visibility for additional services. Photo-realistic panoramas are optimized to be used for web and mobile.

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Cabin Panoramas

Due to the costs associated with producing the panoramas, Quicket is now licensing them to the Airlines, Railways, and Plane manufacturers (rapid prototyping). We plan to offer panoramas to all of our partners that already use our Seat maps data for the specific projects or when we reach the critical mass of fleet coverage.