Raising industry standartswith better data and Immersive media

Internet and mobile usage has dramatically accelerated the race to the bottom for the aviation industry prices. Airlines and its sales channel compete on the thinnest of margins and for the long time were using PRICE as their only competitive weapon, thus making it the main choice attribute for the passenger.

Quicket is helping to make passenger's flight choice multidimensional by using more data and visualization technologies. Our task is to improve booking conversion and post-booking ancillary sales in the travel mass market with:


We are consolidating cabin data globally across 700+ airlines. The foundation of the solution is based on the years of acquired seat maps data (from paid and public sources) and amenities across hundreds of commercial airlines. It is verified by the industry leaders like Airbus, OAG, Kiwi, Kayak etc.

  • Cabin Amenities

    We report amenities like seat's Pitch, Width and Recline, as well as WIFI, In-Flight Entertainment and Power. A seat's pitch is the measurement between a point on a passenger seat to the same point in the seat in front of it. It's measured in inches/centimeters and the higher the number, the more legroom and space the passenger can get making it important measure for growing population.

  • Bags allowances

    Our Baggage allowance information incorporates Point-Of-Sale rule led by IATA. In other words, if US-based airline shows on their website in US-based concept for example, this must not apply for tickets sold in EU.

  • Food and drinks

    Embedded into search results Food and beverage information gives potential passengers' a well-informed purchase decisions throughout the booking process.

  • CO2 Impact

    Quicket calculate a relevant CO2 score based on a circular flight distance, plane type (seats), average load factor per route (city pair) and by computing pax weight/cargo weight with Breguet engine coefficient for the fuel consumption. We look attentively at IATA as we think their methodology has better environmental integrity.

Ability to switch between Volume-based and flat pricing model plus payment automation allow Quicket to maintain very competitive pricing within the industry.

Please see our DEMO website for data and seat maps samples.



Quicket supplies customizable (your brand colours) and localizable (23 languages) seatmaps with detailed seats information assembled in a graphic package that can be displayed by 1) seat availability when connected to NDC airlines or GDS-es like Amadeus, Sabre or Travelport 2) seat comfort or 3) price.

We deliver data to the partners via our robust Application Program Interface (API) and Software Development Kit (SDK). We allow some partners to cache the data on premises (in your own servers) if the contract length is for 36 month.
Our machine-learning algorithm, created by former Microsoft and Google engineers, gives our customers the ability to showcase correct seat maps even with changing flight schedules.
Seatmaps are easily integrated into your websites and mobile apps within weeks instead of month. We provide potential customers can test the solutions with limited data samples from BA, AF, LH, KL, QR, U2, IB, W6, AY, KE airlines. The delivery format can be tried via our SANDBOX for flexible interface integration and scalability. Here is the link to the documentation in Swagger or in ReDoc format.



Unlike traditional media (pictures, video) Immersive media (VR/AR/MIX) allow our clients like airlines or railway companies to integrate relevant data right into the passengers booking path. Our target is to create minimum interruption with maximum additional services visibility. Our panoramas are optimized to be used in web and mobile.


Due to the cost associated with producing the panoramas Quicket is now licensing them exclusively to the airlines, railways and plane manufacturers (for rapid prototyping). Should Quicket reach the critical mass of airlines covering passenger traffic, we plan to offer panoramas to all of partners that use our Seatmaps data.