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Gazpromavia (4G) fleet seat map(s)

Gazpromavia was founded in 1995 by its parent Gazprom, one of the world's largest natural gas producing companies. The airline provides passenger and cargo charter services principally in support of its parent's gas and oil exploration business. Some scheduled passenger services are also provided. These are flown with the carrier's fleet of B737-700 and Sukhoi SSJ 100 aircraft.

The founders of have created and assembled an exhaustive database of seatmaps of all the aircrafts that Gazpromavia operates. Click on the links below to see our entire array of seatmaps.

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Check in rules

Registration ends 40 minutes before the time indicated on your ticket. Check-in desks open 2 to 3 hours before departure.

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Baggage allowance: economy class - 20 kg; business class - 30 kg. On custom flights baggage allowances may vary. When flying in the cabin, you are allowed to carry hand luggage weighing up to 5 kg and not exceeding the dimensions of 45x35x15. Liquids may be carried in packages not exceeding 100 ml.

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Unaccompanied minors

Children (from 5 to 14 years) unaccompanied by parents or other persons are allowed on the airline flights. The transportation of an unaccompanied child is subject to 100% of the normal economy or business class fare. The child is given a separate seat in the passenger cabin with free baggage allowance according to the norms of the corresponding class of service.

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Infants are considered to be children under the age of two years. When booking and transporting a newborn infant who is less than seven days old, the mother or legal representative of the infant fills out a warranty bond releasing the Carrier from liability for the consequences of the air carriage of the child. If a child under 2 years of age, at the request of the accompanying passenger of the accompanying passenger a separate seat is provided, such child shall be carried at a discount of 50% of the normal or special fare

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Only 1 pet/bird in a container is allowed in the cabin. The maximum weight together with the cage or container is 6kg. Carriage of animals and birds in the luggage compartment is possible only with the prior approval of the airline. The passenger must inform the airline at the time of booking transportation or buying a ticket. The maximum weight together with the cage or container is 40kg.

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