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North-West Aircompany (0E) seat map listing

North-West Aircompany is a Russian air operator based in St. Petersburg. The company was founded in 2010. North-West Aircompany offers VIP executive flight services as well as passenger charters. Other services include aircraft management, maintenance and flight support. A wide range of business jets can be found in the fleet but for passenger charters, the airline uses modern Airbus A321 Neos configured in a single class high density layout.

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Check in rules

Ticket registration and baggage check-in start in advance: for international and domestic flights with North-West Air - 3 hours before the departure time of the aircraft, as indicated on the ticket. Passenger registration and baggage check-in at the airport end 40 minutes before the scheduled departure time. A North-West passenger who is late for the end of passenger registration and baggage check-in or boarding may be denied transportation on this flight. The baggage of a registered passenger who did not show up for boarding is subject to removal from the aircraft and mandatory inspection.

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When checking in baggage with North-West Air, the passenger is given a part (detachable coupon) of the numbered baggage tag, and the other part is attached to each piece of baggage accepted by the Airline for transportation in the baggage compartment under the Airline's responsibility for the safety of such items from the moment they are handed over by the passenger until they are handed over to the passenger. North-West Air has established the following free hand luggage allowances: Economy (Y) fare 1 piece up to 5 kg with dimensions no more than 40x30x20 cm, Business (C) 1 piece up to 5 kg with dimensions no more than 40x30x20 cm + 1 piece up to 10 kg with dimensions no more than 55x40x25 cm. The allowance for children up to 2 years without a seat is 1 piece up to 5 kg. North-West Air sets the following free baggage allowances for one passenger on domestic and international air routes: Economy (Y) fare baggage with a total of three measurements not exceeding 203 cm 1 piece up to 23 kg (in airplanes) and 1 piece up to 10 kg (in helicopters) Business (C) 1 piece up to 30 kg (in airplanes).

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Unaccompanied minors

Unaccompanied children are considered to be children aged 5 to 12 who travel without parents (guardians) and without the accompaniment of an adult passenger, or are transported under the supervision of a responsible person of the carrier, according to the current rules, strictly in agreement with North-West Air. At the request of parents (guardians), accompaniment can be provided to children up to 16 years old. Children under 5 years old can only fly with North-West Air accompanied by adult passengers. The service can be purchased by any person at the agency sales point, authorized by the TCP. Registration via the Internet information and telecommunications network is not carried out.

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Children up to two years old, as well as a disabled child up to twelve years old, are transported only in the company of an adult passenger with North-West Air. One child under the age of two is transported on domestic flights for free, on international flights - with a 90% discount on the normal or special fare, if there are no special conditions for applying a special fare, and without providing a separate seat. Other children accompanying the passenger under the age of two, as well as children aged two to twelve, are transported with a 50% discount on the normal or special fare, if there are no special conditions for applying a special fare, with separate seats provided for them. If desired, the passenger can book a separate seat for the infant with North-West Air, in this case, 75% of the fare for an adult passenger is paid (unless otherwise specified by the rules for applying a special fare). The ticket must indicate the child's date of birth. The passenger accompanying the child must present to North-West Air when purchasing a ticket and when registering a document confirming the child's age (birth certificate).

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Animals are accepted for transportation with North-West Air in sturdy packaging (containers, transport cages, etc.), ensuring the necessary conveniences during transportation, safety, and compliance with sanitary requirements, as well as fastenings on board the aircraft. The shipper must obtain a veterinary certificate, as well as export/import and transit permits.

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