Dornier 328 (J328) seat maps

The Dornier 328 is a twin-turboprop regional airliner and utility aircraft developed and manufactured by Dornier Luftfahrt GmbH, a German aerospace company. It has a capacity of up to 32 passengers and a range of up to 1,245 nautical miles (2,298 kilometers). It is powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW119B engines. The Dornier 328 first flew in 1991 and entered commercial service in 1992. It was primarily used by regional airlines for short-haul routes and as a small corporate transport. The Dornier 328 was also used in military and government roles, such as as a maritime patrol aircraft, transport, and as a training aircraft. The production of the aircraft was stopped in the late 1990s but some are still in service in various countries.

Here is the list of all airlines that operate Dornier 328

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