Airlines operating Airbus A321neo airplanes

The Airbus A321neo is the new engine option variant of the original A321. It is offered with two engine options from CFM International and Pratt & Whitney. The new variant entered service with Virgin America in May 2017. The type also sports all comulative updates of the single aisle family which include aerodynamic refinements and larger more efficient winglets. The cabin features Airbus' Space-Flex design which helps free up more space for passenger seating. Larger overhead bins have also been developed. The revised A321neo fuselage with its flexible exit door locations can now be individually adapted to airlines' seating layouts. The A321LR features additional fuel tanks in the lower hold giving the type a range of 4000nm (7400km). The latest version is the A321XLR with even more range scheduled to enter airline service in 2024. The A321neo is now Airbus' best selling airliner.

We have compiled a complete list of airlines that use Airbus A321neo

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