Airlines operating Boeing 787-8 airplanes

The Boeing 787-8 is the first and smallest version of the Dreamliner family. It started development as the 7E7 and was formerly launched as the 787 in April 2004 with an order from ANA - All Nippon Airways. After some development delays, the first 787-8 entered service in 2011. Over 400 aircraft have been ordered of the type but production focus has since switched to the larger 787-9. The Boeing B787 Dreamliner is a state of the art twin engine wide body airliner featuring a mostly composite fuselage. This technology enables a higher cabin pressure and higher humidity levels, enhancing passenger comfort. The lighter weight of the aircraft combined with new generation engines result in an over 20% reduction in fuel consumption compared to the older B767 it replaces.

We have compiled a complete list of airlines that use Boeing 787-8

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