Airlines operating Boeing 737 Classic airplanes

Boeing began development of a successor to the successful 737-200 in 1979. The first variant of the modernized family was the 737-300 that entered service in 1984. A stretched variant, the 737-400 was launched in 1985 and entered service in 1988. The last member of the family, the smaller 737-500 was launched in 1987 and entered service in 1990. This family of twin engine single aisle airliners is today referred to as the 737 Classic series. Compared to the original series, these received modern high bypass turbofan engines from CFM International, lending the family improved performance, lower fuel consumption and lower noise levels. A total of 1988 Classics were produced making it one of the most successful civil airliners ever developed. Many remain in service with second tier operators today and some have found a new purpose as converted freighters. Production terminated in the year 2000 and the type was replaced by the further modernized NG series.

We have compiled a complete list of airlines that use Boeing 737 Classic

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