Airlines operating Boeing 787-10 airplanes

The final stretch version of the Dreamliner, the B787-10 was launched in 2013 with an order from Singapore Airlines. Since the maximum take-off weight remained similar to the smaller 787-9, this veriant trades range for a higher passenger capacity. It can fly a typical two class load of 330 passengers over a distance of 6430nm (11910km). As a result, the 787-10 sits in a smaller niche of the market with less general appeal. By mid 2024 around 100 787-10 had been delivered with some 160 still on order. The 787-10 is a highly efficient twin engine wide body airliner and boasts one of the lowest fuel consumption rates per passenger and distance flown in the industry. For passengers, the cabin features big windows, comfortable humidity levels and better pressurization.

We have compiled a complete list of airlines that use Boeing 787-10

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