Airlines operating Boeing 767-300ER airplanes

The Boeing 767-300ER is the most successful variant of the 767 series. It is the extended range version of the stretched 767-300, offering a range of 5980nm (11070km) with a typical two class load. It first entered service in 1988 and a total of 583 have been built. The model proved very popular on transatlantic routes thanks to its ideal payload/range performance. Thanks to an order from British Airways, this version was the only one offered with engines of all three major brands: Pratt and Whittney, General Electric and Rolls Royce. The commonly used 7-abreast layout in Economy also made the type very popular with passengers as the number of middle seats is limited. The 767-300ER remains in widespread service today but is being slowly phased out in favor of more efficient aircraft like the 787 and A350.

We have compiled a complete list of airlines that use Boeing 767-300ER

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