Airlines operating Boeing 757-200 airplanes

Boeing developed the 757 as a successor to the highly succsseful 727. It was launched on the back of orders from British Airways and Eastern Air Lines that were signed in 1979. The first production version 757-200 had its first flight in 1982 and entered service in 1983. The 757 is a narrow-body twin engine airliner powered by either Pratt & Whittney PW 2000 series or Rolls Royce RB211 high bypass turbofan engines. It has a typical mixed class capacity of 170 to 200 passengers or a maximum of 239 in a high density layout. Range increased throughout its lifespan thanks to winglets that became available in 2005 and higher efficiency engines. The 757-200 could eventually fly a typical load of 200 passengers over a distance of 3915nm (7250km). Production of the 757 ceased in 2004 and the type is being replaced today with more modern and efficient aircraft like the A321neo.

We have compiled a complete list of airlines that use Boeing 757-200

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