Airlines operating Boeing 777-200LR airplanes

The Boeing 777-200LR was developed alongside the larger 777-300ER and shares many of the updated systems and improvements like extended raked wingtips for the wings. The resulting airliner has ultra long range capability with a useful range of up to 8550nm (15840km) making it possible to connect almost any city pair on the globe. Boeing aptly marketed it as the Wordliner. Like its larger brother, the 777-200LR was only available with GE90 engines. Earlier models could be also ordered with Pratt and Whittney or Rolls Royce engines. This was to keep development costs down. Ultimately, only 61 examples were ever built of this niche model and the last one was delivered in 2021.

We have compiled a complete list of airlines that use Boeing 777-200LR

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