Airlines operating Boeing 767-200ER airplanes

The Boeing 767-200ER is the extended range version of the original 767-200. It entered service in 1984 and a total of 121 units were built. The 767 is a twin engine widebody airliner designed for medium and long haul routes. It is the first aircraft to be certified for ETOPS-120 by the FAA meaning it could travel long distances over water where the closest airport was up to two hours away. This made the type very popular on transatlantic routes, eventually replacing most Lockheed Tristars and DC-10s of the time. The twin engine design enabled lower fuel consumption and reduced maintenance costs. The stretched 767-300ER eventually became the most popular aircraft of the series and today, the lineup has been replaced at Boeing with the newer B787 family.

We have compiled a complete list of airlines that use Boeing 767-200ER

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