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Carpatair (V3) seat maps

Carpatair was established in 1999. It is a private Romanian charter and former regional airline. Carpatair is one of the airlines in Eastern Europe. Its head office is located in Timișoara, Romania. The main hub of the company is Traian Vuia International Airport. Carpatair was the first Romanian carrier to operate flights to Transylvania. In general, the company serves only a few routes. The company's fleet consists of four aircrafts.

Carpatair is one of the most famous airlines global, especially whereas its revenue and fleet size. It has V3 IATA code. If individuals want to discover a certain airport and its place, they can look for this information using the KRP ICAO code. Carpatair airlines seat map is affluent and handy. The company operates numerous hubs all over the globe, with the primary being located in Romania/CITY. Carpatair arsenal incorporates 15 aircrafts with different plural of Carpatair flight seat map. The Carpatair flies to a big quantity of assignments and $count_of_covered_countries countries covering North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania, which includes $count_of_covered_cities cities. Major hubs in the network include $count_of_covered_airports airports all over the map. Carpatair aircraft seat map is rather diversified. Depending on the plural of the Carpatair aircraft seat map, the aircraft can employ First, Business, Economy Premium and Economy cabins. Its fleet consists of plural aircrafts with various Carpatair seatmap. has created and compiled a thorough list of seatmaps of aircrafts that Carpatair operates. Choose an aircraft and click on it to see the seatmaps and all details associated with your seat.

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Check in rules

You can check in online (via the website or mobile app) or at the airport. Online check-in begins 24 hours before departure and ends two hours before departure. Check-in desks open two hours before departure and close 40 minutes before departure.

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For safety and convenience, each passenger is allowed one piece of carry-on baggage weighing no more than 5 kg and with dimensions not exceeding 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm. The standard maximum dimensions of checked baggage may not exceed 203 cm (length + width + height), including wheels, handles, side pockets, etc.

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Unaccompanied minors

The "unaccompanied minor" procedure should apply to all children between the ages of 5 and 12, regardless of citizenship. When leaving Romanian territory, the "unaccompanied minor" procedure must be applied to all Romanian and Moldovan citizens between the ages of 5 and 18. The "unaccompanied minor" procedure should apply to all citizens of Ukraine between the ages of 5 and 16 when leaving Ukraine.

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Infants are passengers under the age of 24 months. Infants do not have a separate seat and must sit on the lap of an accompanying adult. The cost on flights is 10% of the regular adult fare. If one adult travels with two infants, a child ticket must be purchased for one of the infants.

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Only cats and small dogs may be carried as carry-on baggage within limits shown below. Only one pet container per passenger is allowed. The container must not exceed B26xD50xH35 cm. The container and the pet may not weigh more than 6 kg.

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