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Aurora (HZ) seat maps

The Russian airline Aurora was founded on November 6, 2013. Its head office is located in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia. Vladivostok International Airport is Aurora's main hub. Its base airport is Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Airport. The airline operates regular flights to cities in the Far East and Siberia. In addition, Aurora performs domestic transportation in the Far East regions and flies to China, Korea, and Japan. In total, the airline serves more than 30 routes. The company's fleet consists of 22 airplanes.

Here at we have compiled the most comprehensive database of airline seatmaps in the industry. Please click on the links below to see the extensive variety of seatmaps within the entire fleet of aircraft that Aurora operates.

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Check in rules

Registration of passengers and baggage for flights at the airport begins 2 hours before departure time and ends 40 minutes before departure time. Online check-in begins 24 hours and ends 45 minutes before departure time.

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Checked baggage on International flights: Business Class - two pcs, 32 kg each and one pc hand baggage up to 15 kg; Economy Class - one pc, up 23 kg and one pc hand baggage up to 10 kg.

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Unaccompanied minors

Children over the age of five can travel alone. A minors' accompanying service is compulsory for children 5-12 years old. For children 12-16 years old, a minors' escort service is not compulsory and can be ordered at the request of parents.

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An adult passenger can arrange for a carriage without a separate seat for one accompanying child under the age of 2 free of charge in case of domestic carriage, and with a 90% discount in case of international carriage. If a child under the age of 2 years is issued a separate seat, such child is carried at a discount of up to 50%, depending on the applicable tariff.

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The airline accepts dogs, cats, birds, and other small indoor (tame) animals/birds, as well as guide dogs and working dogs of the dog service of the federal executive authorities for carriage with payment of luggage tariffs. The Passenger may transport three pets over six months: 1 animal in the passenger cabin in a container with a total weight not exceeding 8 kg and two animals in the baggage compartment, or two animals in the passenger cabin in one container with a total weight not exceeding 8 kg and one animal in the baggage compartment. One Passenger may carry no more than two containers with animals in the luggage compartment; the weight of the animal together with the container may not exceed 50 kgs. Only one animal may be carried in one container.

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