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Copa Airlines (CM) seat maps

Copa Airlines is Panama's flagship carrier. The company began operations on August 15, 1947, and is headquartered in Panama City, Panama. Tocumen International Airport is the hub of Copa Airlines. The company is a member of the Star Alliance. Copa Airlines has Subsidiaries - Wingo, Copa Airlines Colombia. The company's fleet consists of 81 aircrafts. Copa Airlines operates flights to more than 80 destinations. In addition, the company has a frequent-flyer program - ConnectMiles.

Copa Airlines is one of the most popular airlines global, especially in respect that its proceeds and fleet size. It has CM IATA code. If individuals want to get a certain airport and its place, they can browse this information using the CMP ICAO code. Copa Airlines airlines seat map is rich and convenient. The company operates numerous hubs all over the Earth, with the primary being situated in Panama/CITY. Copa Airlines arsenal incorporates 45 planes with different numerous of Copa Airlines flight seat map. The Copa Airlines flies to a great amount of assignments and 40 countries covering North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania, which includes 264 cities. Major hubs in the network include 269 airports all over the map. Copa Airlines is a part of the Star Alliance . Copa Airlines plane seat map is enough varied. Depending on the numerous of the Copa Airlines plane seat map, the plane can employ First, Business, Economy Premium and Economy cabins. Its fleet consists of numerous aircrafts with varied Copa Airlines seatmap. has created and compiled a thorough list of seatmaps of aircrafts that Copa Airlines operates. Choose an aircraft and click on it to see the seatmaps and all details associated with your seat.

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Check in rules

You can use online check-in or go to the check-in counter at the airport to check in for your Copa Airlines flight, regardless of where the ticket was purchased. All passengers must arrive at the Copa Airlines check-in counter at least two hours before the scheduled departure time on international flights. The airline also offers self-service kiosks at leading hotels in Panama.

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Checked baggage may be up to 62 linear inches (158 cm) (height + length + width). Baggage larger than 63 inches (159 cm) and larger than 115 inches (294 cm) is considered excess baggage. Baggage whose total linear dimensions exceed 115 inches (294 cm) will not be accepted as baggage and must be carried as cargo. Each piece of carry-on baggage may measure up to 46 linear inches (118 cm): 22 inches (56 cm) high + 14 inches (36 cm) long + 10 inches (26 cm) wide. This includes handles and wheels.

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Unaccompanied minors

Copa Airlines offers an unaccompanied minor service for minors between the ages of 5 and 14 who are traveling without a relative, guardian, or designated travel companion at least 18 years old. The minor escort service does not include in-flight service. The service begins at the check-in desk and includes transferring the minor through security and immigration for departure to the gate and boarding the plane. Upon arrival at the final destination, the minor is escorted from the plane through immigration and customs, after which the minor is handed over to a responsible adult.

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Children aged 0 to 23 months are considered infants and must always travel with an adult. A child between 0 and 23 months of age does not occupy a seat. If you wish, you can purchase a seat for an infant at the infant fare. The airline does not carry newborn infants under seven days of age, infants who need an incubator.

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Copa Airlines allows small dogs and cats in the cabin. Pets are allowed on international flights Monday through Friday. Domestic flights in Panama are allowed daily if there is no international connection on the trip. Only one pet may be transported in a container. Only one pet is allowed per passenger. Children under 11 years of age are not allowed to travel with pets. A maximum of 3 pets are allowed per flight in the main cabin. The size of container may not exceed 13x17x7.5 (for rigid containers), and 11x18x11 (for soft containers).

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