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Turkish Airlines (TK) seat map listing

Turkish Airlines was founded on May 20, 1933. It is Turkey's flagship carrier. It is headquartered at Istanbul Atatürk Airport, Yeşilköy, Istanbul, Turkey. The main hub of the airline is Istanbul Airport. Turkish Airlines operates scheduled domestic and international flights to Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. In addition, the airline flies to 120 countries, more than any other airline. In total, Turkish Airlines serves 331 routes. The company's fleet consists of 373 airplanes. has created and compiled a thorough list of seatmaps of aircrafts that Turkish Airlines operates. Choose an aircraft and click on it to see the seatmaps and all details associated with your seat.

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Check in rules

Turkish Airlines Check-in can be done online (via the website or mobile app) or at the airport. Turkish Airlines Check-in desks open three hours before departure and close 60 minutes before departure. Online check-in is only available at Turkish Airlines select airports. See the full list here. Passengers can check in a maximum of eight passengers at once. Online check-in is available for flights operated within 90 minutes to 24 hours.

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Turkish Airlines Cabin Baggage (hand baggage) is defined as any baggage of 8 kg and 55 x 40 x 23 cm. On routes with piece baggage concept, the maximum weight of 1 piece of baggage is 23 kg for Economy Class and 32 kg for Business Class. Infant passengers are entitled to a piece of baggage weighing 10 kg on each flight and 23 kg on flights under the piece baggage application. Additionally, strollers that do not exceed 115 cm are allowed on all flights. Child passengers have the same amount of baggage allowance as adult passengers.

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Unaccompanied minors

Turkish Airlines Passengers over the age of 7 but under the age of 12 at the time of departure may travel unaccompanied. Written permission from the parents or legal guardian who must sign an unaccompanied flight authorization form is required. Unaccompanied minor service is mandatory for these passengers.

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Infants are defined as children under two years of age. Children up to 2 years old (24 months), are not required to have their own Turkish Airlines seat. Only one lap child is allowed per adult. If one adult is traveling with more than one infant under two years of age, a seat will have to be purchased for each additional infant.

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Turkish Airlines allows dogs, cats, and small birds (goldfinches, budgies, and canaries) to travel in the cabin, as long as the combined weight of the pet and carrier doesn't exceed 17 lbs (8 kg). Turkish Airlines require passengers traveling with pets to be approved a minimum of 6 hours prior to departure. Pets who exceed the weight limits to travel in the cabin may qualify for transport in the hold instead. For pets traveling in the cabin, carriers shouldn't exceed the dimensions 23 cm height x 30 cm width x 40 cm length.

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