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Ibex Airlines (FW) seat maps

Japan Airlines was established on January 29, 1999, and began operations on August 7, 2000. The company is headquartered in Kōtō, Tokyo, Japan. Japan Airlines has operational bases at Chubu Centrair International Airport, Sendai Airport. Japan Airlines is one of Asia's largest airlines and a member of the Oneworld Alliance. Japan Airlines operates scheduled international and domestic flights to 125 airports worldwide. The company's fleet consists of 10 aircrafts.

The founders of have created and assembled an exhaustive database of seatmaps of all the aircrafts that Ibex Airlines operates. Click on the links below to see our entire array of seatmaps.

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Check in rules

Registration can be done online (via the website or mobile app) or at the airport. Online check-in begins 24 hours before departure and ends 40 minutes before departure. Check-in desks open two hours before departure and close 30 minutes before departure.

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Passengers are allowed to take on board hand luggage with a maximum size of 45 cm x 35 m x 20 cm, and weighing up to 10 kg. Maximum weight of checked baggage is 23 kg, size up to 158 cm (sum of all dimensions).

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Unaccompanied minors

Children over the age of six can travel alone. The airline provides an escort service for minors. This service is available for children ages 6 or 7 who are not accompanied by someone aged 12 or older. The service is also available for children between the ages of 8 and 11 at the request of a parent or guardian.

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One adult passenger may travel with up to 2 children under three years of age. However, if a child ticket is purchased, 1 of these children must sit alone in a child seat. (Children 2 years of age can sit on their own without using a child seat). Children under three years of age who do not use their own seat will need an infant boarding pass.

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Only three animals are accepted on each flight. IBEX accept dogs, cats, small birds, and other small animals (such as rabbits, hamsters, and ferrets) as checked baggage. For pets traveling as checked baggage, carriers can be small, medium, or large. Small carriers should be 40cm x 55cm x 40cm; medium carriers should be 46cm x 66cm x 50cm; and large carriers cannot exceed 55cm x 80cm x 60cm.

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