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On August 29, 2000, Virgin Australia officially launched. It is a low-cost carrier based in Australia. South Bank in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia serves as the company's headquarters. The airports in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney serve as the airline's primary hubs. Additionally, Adelaide Airport, Gold Coast Airport, Perth Airport, and Alice Springs Airport are all home bases for Virgin Australia. In terms of traffic, the airline is the second-largest in the nation, while in terms of fleet size, it is the biggest. Virgin Australia runs 31 routes altogether. There are 64 aircraft in the company's fleet. Embraer E190 is operating by Airnorth for Virgin Asutralia. Because of the plane's dependability, strength, and maneuverability, the airline selected it. Among the Embraer E-Jet family of regional jets, the Embraer E190 is the most sought-after model. Embraer E190 soon became well-liked by regional airlines and started flying on short- and medium-distance routes due to its performance qualities. With a range of 3334 kilometers and a top speed of 890 km/h, the Embraer E190 (STD)'s base model aircraft could transport 96 to 114 passengers.
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The Embraer E190 is an aircraft produced by Embraer for Virgin Australia and has the following seat configuration: 0-10-0-84.

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The Embraer E190 family, features a business class that's a blend of luxury and practicality. With 10 seats, passengers can indulge in a serene environment, gourmet meals, and a rich entertainment selection. The crew, adept in offering tailored service, ensures a journey that's both smooth and memorable.



On the Embraer E190 family, Virgin Australia's economy class offers a blend of comfort and efficiency. With 84 seats, passengers are treated to a modern cabin with essential comforts. The crew remains dedicated to ensuring a pleasant journey for all.