UTair ATR 42 / 72 Seat Maps

UTair includes a multitude of airplanes with a clear ATR 42 / 72 seatmap. One of the exceptional airplanes in its property is ATR which managed to build a name in the business. ATR 42 / 72 has a cozy ATR 42 / 72 chair map with all the required fixtures and facilities ideal for hassle-free air travel. ATR 42 / 72 belongs to Jet physical class. There is a shelf above each seat where the passengers can store their carry-on bags. Also, it is possible to maintain the personal items on the knees or on the pull-out shelves that are can be found on the back of the seats. The ATR 42 / 72 plane seating will be suitable for all types of passengers, even the fussy ones. Those who want extra space for their legs or move the seatback can change the seat. Each seat contains multiple channels for entertainment. nevertheless, the Economy cabin is deficient in this advantage. Each passenger can watch the videos on the specifically made displays which are distributed throughout the cabin. If you want to savor the monitor view at the most convenient angle, it is necessary to check the UT ATR 42 / 72 seat map ahead of time. Another bragging point of ATR 42 / 72 is the option of of DC power outlets in the cabins. It gives 15 volts of current which is enough to charge a phone or an MP3 player. You can ask for a power code and connect it to an electric socket if required. It is also possible to ask for an adapter. Just inform the personnel if you need the one. However, only the passengers of First and Business classes can enjoy this extra fixture. Due to a specifically designed UT, you can go to the site of a company to find out more about ATR 42 / 72 seating. Check out which row you are going to sit in and whether your seat has near the bull's-eye window or a monitor. The UTair ATR 42 / 72 seating chart may impact your comfortableness during the flight, but you can still enjoy first-class conditions no matter what of the seat you have. If you have worry during the flight, avoid buying a seat near the window. Anyway, the crew will always help you with any worries and answer all the questions.


Seat configuration: 0-0-0-70