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Bhutan Airlines is a Bhutanese airline that operates a fleet of aircraft for regional flights, including the Airbus A319. The Airbus A319 has a seating capacity of up to 156 passengers, depending on the specific configuration. The Airbus A319 is known for its fuel efficiency, reliability, and passenger comfort, making it a popular choice for regional airlines. Bhutan Airlines uses the Airbus A319 on a variety of routes across the region, including destinations in India, Bangladesh, and Nepal. The Airbus A319 allows the airline to serve these routes efficiently and effectively, while providing passengers with a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience.
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  • A319-100

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The Airbus A319-100 is an aircraft produced by Airbus for Bhutan Airlines and has the following seat configuration: 0-12-0-114.

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The Airbus A319-100's business class, presented by Bhutan Airlines, is a perfect mix of luxury and practicality. With seating for 12 passengers, it offers ergonomic seating, delectable meals, and seamless connectivity with onboard Wi-Fi. The crew's expertise in delivering personalized service guarantees a premium and luxurious journey.



On the Airbus A319-100, Bhutan Airlines has crafted an economy class suited for today's regional traveler. With 114 seats available, the cabin boasts a contemporary design ensuring a comfortable flight. The seats are designed for relaxation, and passengers have access to a wide range of entertainment. The crew's dedication ensures a hassle-free journey.