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With its headquarters in the country's capital, Amman, Royal Jordanian, which was created in 1990, is one of the most well-known airlines in the world, especially when considering its fleet size. Over 500 flights per week and at least 110 departures per day are operated by the airline out of its main base at Queen Alia International Airport, which serves four continents. It enrolled in the Oneworld air travel consortium in 2007. The company has a very detailed seat map. Royal Jordanian operates by two Airbus A321-200 planes. The Airbus A321 is an extended version of the A320, with a longer fuselage and typically has a seating capacity of around 185-236 passengers. The A321 is often used for short- to medium-haul flights, with a range of up to 3,700 miles. The Airbus A321 prioritizes passenger comfort with its spacious seating and larger overhead bins, offering a quieter cabin experience than older aircraft. Additionally, its advanced avionics and state-of-the-art flight control system contribute to an exceptional safety record, lowering the risk of accidents. By sharing a high level of commonality with other A320 family members, airlines operating both A320s and A321s can benefit from cost-effective maintenance and training.
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The Airbus A321-200 is an aircraft produced by Airbus for Royal Jordanian and has the following seat configuration: 0-20-0-142.

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The Airbus A321-200 family, features a business class that's a blend of luxury and practicality. With 20 seats, passengers can indulge in a serene environment, gourmet meals, and a rich entertainment selection. The crew, adept in offering tailored service, ensures a journey that's both smooth and memorable.



On the Airbus A321-200 family, Royal Jordanian's economy class offers a blend of comfort and efficiency. With 142 seats, passengers are treated to a modern cabin with essential comforts. The crew remains dedicated to ensuring a pleasant journey for all.