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Air Senegal operates two Airbus A319-100 planes. The seating capacity of an Airbus A319 is not fixed and is dependent on the specific configuration chosen by the airline operating the plane. Typically, the A319 can accommodate between 120 and 156 passengers in a single-class layout, while a two-class configuration with business and economy classes can seat up to 134 passengers. The Airbus A319 is capable of carrying cargo in its cargo hold, which is located in the lower deck of the aircraft. The cargo hold can accommodate a range of cargo types, including bulk cargo, palletized cargo, and oversized cargo. Airline may also offer specialized cargo transport services, such as refrigerated transport for perishable goods, dangerous goods transport for hazardous materials, and live animal transport for animals.
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The Airbus A319-100 is an aircraft produced by Airbus for Air Senegal and has the following seat configuration: 0-12-0-108.

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Traveling in Air Senegal's business class on their Airbus A319-100 is synonymous with luxury. Catering to 12 passengers, the experience includes spacious seating, gourmet dining, and top-tier in-flight entertainment. The crew, with their meticulous attention to detail, ensures every passenger's needs are met with precision.



When flying with Air Senegal on their Airbus A319-100, passengers in economy class can anticipate a straightforward yet reliable experience. Designed to accommodate 108 travelers, the cabin merges affordability with necessary comforts. Functional seating and a variety of in-flight entertainment options are available. The crew, consistently attentive, ensures a seamless journey, meeting passenger needs efficiently.