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Air France operates only one model of Airbus, the A350-900. As of 2022, the company has 14 A350-900 aircraft. In addition, the company has also ordered four aircraft of the Freighter model. The A350 is the base version of a new family of long-range wide-body aircraft. The A350-900 is 30 percent more economical per seat. It also has a 25% lower operating cost compared to Boeing.

Air France contains countless planes with an easy to comprehend and simple Airbus A350 seatmap. One of the most remarkable airplanes in its arsenal is Airbus. It became famous in the industry and currently boasts decent profit. Airbus A350 has a standard Airbus A350 seat map with numerous add-ons and services which will make your air travel a very simple. Airbus A350 belongs to Jet physical class. To make the flight even more convenient, you can locate your carry-on bags on the shelves located above each seat. Also, the passengers can hold their items on their knees. If you need to have a have lunch or just do some activity, feel free to get out the shelves located in front of you on the back of the seat. The Airbus A350 plane seating will suit all kinds of passengers, even the most demandable ones. All the seats are completely adjustable, so you can get space for your legs or move the seat back if you need to rest. The cabins have displays. They are equally distributed and give a comfortable viewing angle. Nevertheless, if you need to enjoy the movies to the fullest during the flight, check out the AF Airbus A350 seat map ahead of time to pick the right seat that is close to the monitor. The strongest perk of Airbus A350 is the DC power outlet's availability. Each unit produces up to 15 volts of current which are pretty enough for charging a regular smartphone. You can ask for a cord and an adaptor suitable for your device. However, only the First and Business class passages can benefit from this perk. The plane has its own AF. It significantly facilitates the process of monitoring the Air France Airbus A350 seating chart. All you need is to go to the company’s site, find the Airbus A350 name and see which raw and chair you have. The type of Airbus A350 seating has a big effect on the overall comfort during the flight. Still, each individual can take advantage of the top-tier occasions regardless of the seat. If you feel nervous during the flight, it is better not to acquire a seat near the bull's-eye window. Feel free to seek advice to the staff in case you have any dilemmas or worries.
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The Airbus A350-900 is an aircraft produced by Airbus for Air France and has the following seat configuration: 0-34-24-266.

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Business class is an airline class above economy and premium economy classes with upgraded amenities, service, and seating. While business class is a significant upgrade over said economy, or the slightly cushier premium economy, it is still a step below the top-of-the-line first class on A350-900 when available.

Premium economy


A seat in premium economy on A350-900 — directly between the main and business class cabins is measurably more expensive than an economy class ticket and often sells at double the price.



In economy class: Exit rows, aisle or window seats, and anywhere close to the front are typically considered the best seats on board. On a short business trip, you might want an aisle seat near the front of the plane so you can disembark as quickly as possible upon arrival.