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EuroAtlantic Airways operates only one model of Boeing, the 777-200. As of 2022, the company has one 777-200s. The aircraft is considered a comfortable and modern airliner. Boeing 777 family is a recognized leader in the segment of airliners with a passenger capacity of 300 to 400 people. In addition, the six-wheel bogies of the plane landing gear allow for special stability due to the balanced weight distribution of the aircraft when it moves on the runway.

EuroAtlantic Airways includes a multitude of airplanes with a clear Boeing 777 seatmap. One of the perfect airplanes in its possession is Boeing which managed to build a name in the market. Boeing 777 has a cozy Boeing 777 place map with all the needed fixtures and facilities appropriate for hassle-free air travel. Boeing 777 belongs to Jet physical class. There is a shelf above each seat where the passengers can put their carry-on luggage. Also, it is possible to have the personal items on the knees or on the pull-out shelves that are are placed on the back of the seats. The Boeing 777 plane seating will be suitable for all types of passengers, even the finicky ones. Those who want extra space for their legs or move the seatback can adapt the seat. Each seat contains multiple channels for entertainment. unfortunately, the Economy cabin is deficient in this advantage. Each passenger can watch the films on the specifically created screens which are distributed throughout the cabin. If you want to take pleasure in the monitor view at the most convenient angle, it is necessary to check the MMZ Boeing 777 seat map in advance. Another bragging point of Boeing 777 is the accessibility of DC power outlets in the cabins. It provides 15 volts of current which is enough to charge a mobile or an MP3 player. You can ask for a cable and add it to an electric socket if needed. It is also possible to ask for an adapter. Just inform the staff if you need the one. However, only the passengers of First and Business classes can enjoy this extra fixture. Due to a specifically designed YU, you can go to the site of a company to find out more about Boeing 777 seating. Check out which row you are going to sit in and whether your seat has near the bull's-eye window or a monitor. The EuroAtlantic Airways Boeing 777 seating chart may impact your convenience during the flight, but you can still enjoy first-class conditions irrespective of of the seat you have. If you have nervousness during the flight, avoid buying a seat near the window. Anyway, the crew will always help you with any issues and answer all the questions.
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  • 777-200 V.1

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777-200 V.1

The Boeing 777-200 V.1 is an aircraft produced by Boeing for EuroAtlantic Airways and has the following seat configuration: 0-30-24-239.

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  • Switch deck
  • Galley
  • Lavatory
  • Stairs



Passengers seated in business class on 777-200 V.2 can expect to enjoy a selection of premium meals and beverages. These are usually vastly superior to those offered in economy class which may not include free meals at all on some flights. You can expect a comfortable seat with more legroom but it may not fully recline on domestic flights.

Premium economy


A seat in premium economy on 777-200 V.2 — directly between the main and business class cabins is measurably more expensive than an economy class ticket and often sells at double the price.



In economy class: Exit rows, aisle or window seats, and anywhere close to the front are typically considered the best seats on board. On a short business trip, you might want an aisle seat near the front of the plane so you can disembark as quickly as possible upon arrival.